Our commercial agency, Franckid's toy, was founded in Montreal in 2012 and consists of representing different companies (manufacturers, distributors, publishers) working in the gaming, toy and outdoor industry in Canada.

Mission Statement

Provide children with games and toys that will stimulate their group spirit, their imagination, their emotions, develop their coordination, their fine motor skills and make them want to discover the world. Some products also allow them to mimic the world of the great and push them to interact with each other while learning through the game. Franckid's slogan is "Good game! ".



Franck Jacquet

The founder is passionate about game, licensing and toy industries, where he has been working since 1998. He knows how to find quality products and his knowledge of the market and current trends make him an expert in these fields. His choices are always directed towards the playful, safe, creative, ecological, innovative and above all FUN products. His child's heart remained intact, he works with enthusiasm, and his human touch  offers a personalized customer service, while being efficient and professional.




Earth Summit, Rio de Janeiro, 1992: Activists from around the world gathered to discuss solidarity and respect for the environment. Several Quebec participants decided to create a citizens' group to propose concrete solutions to such problems as pollution, large scale industrialization, and the exploitation of workers in the South. In 1993, they established ASEED (Action for Solidarity, Equity, Environment and Development). It obtained nonprofit status in 1995 and changed its name to Equiterre in 1998. Since the beginning, Equiterre has relied on a dedicated team of specialists from a variety of fields. With the help of citizens, organizations and governments, it develops projects in agriculture, transportation, fair trade, energy, responsible consumption and climate change.

Created in 1987 when the Fondation Justine-Lacoste-Beaubien and Fondation Sainte-Justine joined forces, the CHU Sainte-Justine Foundation is dedicated to providing children and mothers-to-be with a standard of care that is among the very best in the world. This is the goal underlying all of our fundraising efforts.

In 1961, a limited number of organizations around the world—such as the International Union for the Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources (IUCN) and The Conservation Foundation—were trying to meet conservation needs, but were desperately short of funds. The first call for broad support was the Morges Manifesto, signed in 1961 by 16 of the world’s leading conservationists, including biologist and African wildlife enthusiast Sir Julian Huxley, IUCN vice president Sir Peter Scott and director-general of the British Nature Conservancy E. M. Nicholson. The Morges Manifesto stated that while the expertise to protect the world environment existed, the financial support to achieve this protection did not. The decision was made to establish World Wildlife Fund as an international fundraising organization to work in collaboration with existing conservation groups and bring substantial financial support to the conservation movement on a worldwild scale.

Les Grands Ballets is committed to giving back to the community. For 20 years, the Nutcracker Fund has been allowing to share the magic of the ballet with children not as fortunate as others. Under the honorary presidency of Julie Snyder, the 2017 Nutcracker Fund will offer a complete immersion in the show’s universe by allowing: ◦A Nutcracker performance free of charge for 2,800 sick and disadvantaged children ◦Educative workshops offered to 1,500 of them ◦A support to the annual refurbishing of The Nutcracker's costumes and sets, now in its 54th year!

Fondation 24h Tremblant is a charitable organization that manages the charity event by the same name, Tremblant’s 24h. The event’s concept: a sporting challenge in which participants raise funds to support the betterment of children’s health and well-being. Donations are processed by the Fondation and all profits benefit the cause’s official recipient foundations.